Lost Castle (PC)

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Release date:31 Aug 2016
Publisher:Another Indie
Developer:Hunter Studio
Lost Castle gameplay is a real rougelike

Rougelike games are becoming very popular. They provide you with an interesting type of challenge and Lost Castle gameplay is not different at all in this aspect. Each time you die you start your adventure from the very beginning. However, each death is an additional experience for you. Something you're going to need in order to be able to go even deeper into the castle of Harwood. Each time you start over the castle changes. Dungeons, enemies, bosses and items are all randomly generated. Hence, you can't simply remember the layout of the castle in order to be able to avoid all types of danger. The only thing that is going to matter is your skill. Well, and maybe a little bit of luck with proper items and events. The Lost Castle is a demanding game but at the same time it is fair. Each failure is the result of your mistakes and it is a lesson for you. Remember about that before you're going to enter the Castle of Harwood.

A huge amount of items and equipment for you

Lost Castle provides your young hero with an enormous variety of items and equipment. There are more than 150 different weapons and 50 sets of armor. Furthermore there are more than 80 different items and 50 potions. The last ones are especially interesting. There are normal potions which are going to restore your health. Other might provide you with interesting buffs like turning you into a giant. Some of them though, can have hilarious effects. For example there is a potion which summons one, tiny ghost. The ghost is going to sap your money. A little thief and devil so to speak. Hence, you have to be careful. Each potion can be a potential buff for you or a debuff.

An epic four player local co-op

In modern gaming, local multiplayer was somehow forgotten. Which is unfortunate judging by the fact that we love local multiplayer. Luckily, in the Lost Castle you will be able to play in a local co-op of up to four players at the same time. Just plug-in your pad or joystick and play with your friends. After all it is going to be much easier to stand against the enemies together with your friends. Then what are you waiting for? Put your team together and go on the real adventure.

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