LEGO Harry Potter Years 57 (PC)

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Release date:5 Jan 2012
Publisher:Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Developer:Traveller's Tales

The most famous wizard as a Lego toy brings double fun not only for kids and not only for Lego lovers. Check LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 game and solve every magic puzzle to save the world against the worst lord of all, whose name is not to be pronounced

Main themes

Turn into a gigantic small boy with a scar in a form of a mini plastic Lego character and step onto your twisted way to gain magical powers. The journey takes players through normal looking streets of Muggles towns at Private Drive and, of course, through amazing wizards worlds.

Enjoy friendship with other small Lego wizards in your team, who will help you complete many tasks with their magic wands and powerful spells. Experience your first puppy love and a first Lego kiss. Beware of evil lurking behind every corner. Get bravely involved in epic combat situations and sombre mysteries.

Walk around the chambers and corridors to find new objects and secret passages. It is all not that dramatic, though, the story is full of humour and funny puns. Solve loads of easy and more complicated puzzles.

Good old Harry Potter characters in Lego game

Meet them again, your favourite characters from the last 3 volumes of Harry Potter series. Release more than 100 characters, like professor Slughorn, Bellatrix Lestrange, Fenrir Greyback, and collect character tokens.

Spells and charms

In this game, learn a long list of powerful magic spells and charms. Put out fires with spells stronger than AGUAMENTI and wisely use unforgivable curses.


Harry and his friends need to win this long lasting war against the bad wizard Voldemort. Thus, do not waste time and in the academy of magic, called Hogwart, learn more than just spells and elixir recipes, learn how to fight and win.

Death Eaters will not play chess with you. Practise variety of fighting skills. Stand your ground in rapid, surprising combat scenes full of burning fires and exploding energy balls. Fight the opponents and take part in thrilling duels of wizards.

Original locations and Harry Potter unique atmosphere

Godrics Hollow, the Ministry of Magic, or Grimmauld Place, these are places well known for HP lovers. The game will take you there and to many other locations described by Ms J. K. Rowling.

Walk and run along Lego Hogwart endless corridors. Admire the rich interiors, which look amazing in the light of well-animated torches. Watch out for falling candelabras, notice beautiful ornaments, decorations, coats of arms, stained glass windows, diamonds and crystals to collect. Enjoy Lego style full of colorful flamboyant animations and listen to music well known from films.

Local cooperation mode

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 has co-op mode so you canplay with a friend or family and share the joy. Watch the split screen to follow the other player's adventures in a different location.

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