Hearts of Iron IV Death or Dishonor (DLC)

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This game is a DLC and needs to be used with the complete version of the game.
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Release date:14 Jun 2017
Publisher:Paradox Interactive
Developer:Paradox Development Studio

Buy Hearts of Iron IV: Death or Dishonor to discover new excellent DLC content for four Central and Eastern European countries: Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia. Enjoy completely new and extensive national goals trees and special events.

Amazing World War II simulator

Play different, unique nations and study complex strategies to develop the best empire.

Experience incredibly exciting war moments during which you will have to make tough decisions, and explore different strategies for winning.

Research for electronics and mechanical engineering, gather resources, face difficult problems, establish your country as a major power, and prepare yourself for realistic historical adventure.

Enjoy the new country pack

Hearts of Iron IV: Death or Dishonor focuses on countries of Europe. Hungary, Yugoslavia, Romania, and Czechoslovakia have to make a tough decision: whether to tarnish an alliance with one of the totalitarian dominators, count on the help of distant and uncertain Allies, or try to forge their own independent future, which, however, threatens to attract the anger of many powerful players.

Death or Dishonor DLC changes the edition of focus trees of the four previously mentioned nations. The focus trees themselves are similar in design with three distinct paths usually being present. From your government towards specific ideology, build the beer industry, and build up your military!

Unique gameplay experience

Choose the most interesting country to play and decide about the history during a real-time strategy gameplay. Play as a unique Czechoslovakia to focus particularly on opposing Germany. Preserve Romanian monarchy and a greater Romania, or restore the Habsburgs and Austro-Hungarian empire respectively.

Feel the extraordinary flavor and uniqueness of these completely new focus trees that can offer an enjoyable gameplay experience. Other gameplay features included in the country pack include converting equipment to newer designs from older models, gain new achievements, and selling and buying production licenses to other countries to build anything from tanks to aircraft.

Play as the Austro-Hungarians, as a fascist Romania or as a Czechoslovakia, and enjoy some extra hours of fun time!

Conquer surrounding nations

Once you assert your country as a large and more imperialistic nation you can either stay non-aligned and try to curtail the hedonistic lifestyle of the king or you can develop a flexible foreign policy which would allow you to switch sides during the war.

Change the tides of history and decide about the fate of entire Europe. Build military factories to produce a military equipment, manage your army, and avoid large scandals.

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