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Welcome to magical and technology world of amazing game GreedFall

Release date:Sep 10, 2019

Buy key GreedFall (PC)

Steam keys for GreedFall at is a role-play game with a setting from 17th-century, where magic and technology succesfully exist together. The story is based on a conflict between invaders, arrived to an unknown island on one side and local people, protected by some supernatural forces - on the other. Players should land on the island and try to find any possible ways to treat a mysterious disease, attacked population of the island.

Game offers its players to take part in adventures on an unfriendly island, where both fighting skills and the skills to cope with any situation with the help of peaceful methods are important.  At GreedFall you will need to fight for yourself, but the main aim is to find a way to cure dangerous disease. There are groups of people on the island that support - or, conversely, ignore your in-game actions. Interaction with representatives of these groups - another part of gameplay. On, you can buy a key to activate your game in Steam account and instantly use it, as it becomes available right within 5 minutes after purchase!


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