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Buy EA Sports UFC 4 (Xbox) at a cheap price. Your manner and place where you play the game are not important — you and only you are in the center of every fight.

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Release date:Aug 14, 2020

Buy Cheap EA Sports UFC 4 (Xbox) at Difmark!

EA Sports UFC 4 (Xbox) is a new fighting game. You have to create your fighter based on a chosen style of combat, achievements, and character. Change his appearance with a single progress system that works for all modes. Together with your character, you will go from an unknown newcomer to a UFC celebrity in a career mode.

Fights promise to be as realistic as possible. New environments are available in the game, so you can even fight in the backyards. The game additionally offers the options for blitzes with the help of which you will fight with different gamers online in a round-robin tournament. Moreover, 220 famous sportsmen, both current and legends of mixed martial arts, will also be available.

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