Ashley The Story Of Survival

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Her life was changed in a few seconds… She has lost everything - parents, home, childhood… Now she has to survive in this world.

Nobody has expected the tragedy. The explosion has thundered suddenly. Fire is everywhere, it devours everything on its way. A little girl can't find her parents, her home is destroyed, she has to survive in this world alone. She has just some cents in her pocket. Help this brave girl to survive and become a successful person.

You will need to control 3 status values not to let Ashley die: health, happiness, and hunger. They must not reach 0%.

Help the girl to receive an education - graduate from school, college and universit

Find an appropriate job and develop your strategy for a successful career

Don't forget to maintain health and get involved in charity - this will increase your rating


  • Life simulator - further outcome depends on your choice

  • Attention development - don't forget to control all parameters

  • Realistic graphics - live the lost girl's story as your own

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