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Game:Lineage 2 (EU/NA)
Units:1(kk) Million
Game currency:Adena
Release Date:27.04.2004
Lineage 2 (EU/NA)

Lineage 2 is a legendary title that hides millions of personal stories. Over 15 years thousands gamers all over the world continue gather the teams and go to the raids, spend many sleepless nights for grinding in dungeons and ultimately have fun in this fantasy online RPG.

Make sure to choose your character class before boosting and gathering a team, because you wont survive without a Support class, though playing this character may be a bit boring due to too much grinding.

By the way, when downloading this game, you can choose among L2 servers Interlude, High Five, Classic, C4, G.Crusade, Salvation, Lindvior, GoD, Freya, Ertheia, Odyssey, Helios, Orfen, Talking Island, Giran, Aden, Gludio, Skelth, etc. There are various Lineage 2 NA server options and different for EU users.


Features of the most popular Lineage 2 servers:

Intense PvP battles from the very beginning of the game, especially on any official Lineage 2 EU server;

Huge seamless world that covers a few average kingdoms from online MMORPGs;

Advanced classes that are unique to each race;

Grind Lineage 2 Adena 24/7/365 on any servers whenever you need;


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