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Kaufen Lies of P (PS4)

Lies of P (PS4)

  • Release date: 19 Sep 2023
  • Publisher: NEOWIZ
  • Developer: NEOWIZ

Lies of P (PS4)

  • Release date: 19 Sep 2023
  • Publisher: NEOWIZ
  • Developer: NEOWIZ

Buy Cheap LIES OF P (PS4) on Difmark

Prepare for an unrivaled story that will turn your reality into a bizarre mosaic where lies and truth mix in an endless kaleidoscope. Welcome to Lies of P, where your choices are the key to your destiny, and your actions create a new reality. Your story begins like a puppet, with strings that lead to your past. However, you are not limited by the lines because the choice is yours. You will find yourself in the environment of Kratu, a city once bathed in luxury and beauty but now shrouded in mystery, intrigue, and mystical fears. Here, you will find yourself in a fascinating world where the Belle Epoque is intertwined with dark mysticism. This is where every wall keeps its secret, and every participant tells their version of the truth. Your journey involves intricate streets, solving riddles, and incredible clashes. Lies of P is not just a game; and it's your opportunity to change the world, create your own story, and immerse yourself in the boundless magic of the world around you.


Step into the mysterious world of LIES OF P 

In Lies of P, a fundamental moral saga unfolds between truth and lies. Together with a puppet, you will embark on a journey where your choices will determine your fate. The city of Kratus, once full of life and beauty, is now immersed in deceptive lies and plunged into waves of madness. But it is this atmosphere that creates a unique backdrop for your adventure... In the world of Lies of P, the combat system causes adrenaline and becomes an essential tool in your arsenal. You develop your fighting style, using a variety of weapons and activating unique abilities to resist the incredible monsters that Kratoo holds in its secrets. And that's not all! Still, the game's primary focus is moral choices, where every step you take has consequences. You can reveal the truth, risk your life, or move forward with lies, sow intrigue, and surround yourself with secrets. The city of Krat breathes history, and every stone and street has a story to tell. You can solve puzzles, uncover secrets, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere and era of the Belle Epoque, where each character is a separate chapter of a fantastic story. So, get ready in Lies of P to embark on a journey that will change your vision of games and reveal the true meaning of the struggle between truth and lies. Your choices will mold every path and create a story you will always remember. So there is only one question left. Which side are you on?


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