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Kaufen Resident Evil 8: Village (PS4)

Resident Evil 8: Village (PS4)

  • Release date: 7 May 2021
  • Publisher: Gaming Minds
  • Developer: Kalypso Media

Resident Evil 8: Village (PS4)

  • Release date: 7 May 2021
  • Publisher: Gaming Minds
  • Developer: Kalypso Media

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Purchase Resident Evil 8: Village (PS4) and Face a Lot of Different Opponents. Get to know the exciting and thrilling story of Resident Evil 8: Village (PS4). It's been a few years after the tragic events associated with the biological danger. 


General description of Resident Evil 8: Village (PS4)

Resident Evil 8: Village (PS4) is a sequel to the legendary chorror series of the  seventh part with a first-person view. Ethan Winters started all over again with his wife leaving the past behind. However, Chris Redfield suddenly destroys their life throwing Ethan into a new nightmare in search of certain answers. 


Distinctive features from other parts

The location will become an important aspect of the game, and the priority will shift to fighting and exploring the virtual world. There will be larger, more open spaces than an enclosed estate. The game will contain the gameplay mechanics atypical for the series, such as the effects of hallucination and madness, etc.


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