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Release date:21 Jun 2022
Publisher:GrabTheGames, Kabloop

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Spectacular shooter offers you freedom of choice. So, what will you do: team up with others to resist the bosses that oppress you, or will you side with your employer? Or maybe you try to escape into the wild? It is an impressive platformer that tells about the employees of a sinister corporation and their painful everyday life. You are sent to the lithium mines and must work hard to return to the mainland. Alas, these are the features of the contract. Can you be saved? 


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Why do we recommend this game to you? An exciting indie novelty guarantees unforgettable adventures! You have to work hard and hard to get out and stop being a slave to a terrible contract. Manage your time and minimum wage as wisely as possible. Can you defeat a powerful corporation that treats employees in the worst possible way, turning them into enslaved people? We are sure you will appreciate the atmospheric world of the game and the variability of the development of events. A realistic simulator will allow you to test yourself for strength.


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