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Kaufen This Is the Police 2 (PC)

This Is the Police 2 (PC)

  • Release date: 31 Jul 2018
  • Publisher: HandyGames, THQ Nordic
  • Developer: Weappy Studio, Weappy Limited

Buy Cheap This Is the Police 2 (PC) on Difmark

A chic adventure strategy has prepared a lot of exciting things for you. Appreciate the excellent graphics of the novelty and superb musical accompaniment. So, take control of the police department, make difficult decisions, and try not to end up in jail yourself. An exciting novelty is created for adventure lovers. It will be really interesting.


Wonderful game at a super price

The continuation of the chic drama in the noir style will appeal to fans of stylish games. Control the police, designed to maintain order on the city streets. You won't get bored in this addictive game of adventure, strategic elements, and turn-based tactical combat! Solve riddles and enjoy the dynamic gameplay.


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