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Kaufen The Last of Us Part I Preorder Bonus (PS5)

The Last of Us Part I Preorder Bonus (PS5)

  • Release date: 28 Mar 2023
  • Publisher: PlayStation PC LLC
  • Developer: Naughty Dog LLC

Buy Cheap The Last of Us Part I Preorder Bonus (PS5) on Difmark
This product only for DLC Pre-order Bonus. The key does not include the game

Spectacular adventure thriller will amaze you with the most realistic graphics and dynamic gameplay. An emotional, bright, and spectacular video game was created for fans of chic adventures. The spectacular work of Naughty Dog LLC has received more than two hundred Game of the Year awards, which is not surprising. So, welcome to the dangerous world of a devastated civilization where the infected are rampant, and the lone survivors are ready to fight to the death. You play as Joel, tasked with picking up a 14-year-old girl, Ellie, from a dangerous quarantine zone. The protagonist is preparing to do his usual work, which does not portend any surprises. However, everything goes differently than planned. Two people who are unlike each other, united by circumstances, are waiting for the most exciting journey through the territory teeming with the infected. Are you ready to test your strength? 


The addictive game at a super price

Why do we recommend this new product to you? Fans of unforgettable adventures and fierce battles will surely be delighted with this luxurious action adventure! This game includes the story of the single novel The Last of Us, as well as the famous prequel chapter called Left Behind, which tells about the cruel events that forever changed the ordinary life of a girl and her best friend. A tense, emotional, dangerous adventure will forever leave a mark on the main characters' souls. Of course, if they manage to get out alive! It is entirely up to you. Pay attention to the spectacular graphics that completely immerse the game's atmosphere. Stunning detail and 4K resolution make the new product so realistic that it takes your breath away! The facial expressions of the main characters convey the whole gamut of their emotions. Abandoned houses and harsh streets look like real ones. Explore stunning locations, enjoy spectacular gameplay and great music, and experience AMD's next level of advanced temporal scaling technology. This game supports DualSense through a special wired connection. Also, pay attention to the support for the DualShock 4 controller. The developers did their best to release a high-quality and spectacular gaming product. As you can see, the presence of many awards confirms the fact that the game turned out brilliant! 


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