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Kaufen SimCity (PC)

SimCity (PC)

  • Release date: 22 Sep 2003
  • Publisher: Aspyr (Mac)
  • Developer: EA - Maxis

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The defining city simulation is back! Build a living world where every choice matters. Be the Mayor and run the show. Ramp up your economy, hire police and firefighters, erect schools... or let crime and corruption run rampant. Improve infrastructure, battle power shortages, solve that pesky, never-ending traffic jam... or unleash a zombie horde to ravage everything. Whether you team up with friends to launch space shuttles or silently pollute your Sims into oblivion, its all up to you! Its your city. Your way.


Game Features:

Create and customize: Your world will react to every decision you make. Lead your Sims, manage the economy, reform education, fight crime and watch the benefits and ramifications of your actions take shape in real-time.

Every Sim matters: You may be Mayor, but your Sims have a life of their own. Whether theyre happy, sad or steaming mad, youll be the first to know when they start protesting at your doorstep. Its up to you to respond to their needs... or not.

Specialize in what you love: Build the city of your dreams, whether youre the gambling type, a blue-collared manufacturer or an aspiring academic. As you specialize, your thriving metropolis will transform to fit your theme right before your eyes.

Revolutionary simulation technology: With the all-new GlassBox engine, every tiny element of your cityevery Sim, every car, every building and every lightaffects and is affected by how you play in real-time. The easy, model-like interface makes it simpler than ever to keep tabs on your Sims and manage your cityall while retaining the fine level of detail that defines SimCity.


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