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Dieses Spiel ist ein DLC und muss mit der vollständigen Version des Spiels verwendet werden.

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Kaufen RPG Maker MV Future Punk (DLC)

RPG Maker MV Future Punk (DLC)

  • Publisher: Degica
  • Developer: Gotcha Gotcha Games, KADOKAWA, Yoji Ojima

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RPG Maker MV Future Punk (DLC) - great music for your games

Do you want to create a super popular game? Do you want to turn interesting ideas into reality? Gamers will surely appreciate the novelty, which includes high-quality graphics, special effects, an interesting idea, and, of course, high-quality musical accompaniment!

We present you with a musical masterpiece designed to help you create the highest quality, interesting and exciting games! In this interesting musical genre, you will find a wide variety of emotions. Steampunk embodies the ideas of people of the 19th and 20th centuries about the future with its high-tech solutions, interesting projects, and the realization of their most secret dreams. Amazing, positive, and bright music will be a great musical resistance for the games you have created. Realize your most creative ideas!


Key Benefits of the Innovative Solution

Here you will find a set of the most pleasant melodies, sound effects, and various themes - all of this will give you pleasure! The creators have worked hard on this creative set, which contains two dozen songs, five short tunes, 30 sound effects, as well as a variety of background sounds. This is a unique set of a wide variety of melodies for your games. Ideal for use in commercial projects.

You can edit at your discretion, and use musical elements in a wide variety of gaming projects.

Create role-playing video games in RPG Maker, and bring your wildest fantasies to life! Musical accompaniment is a key factor that allows you to convey the entire palette of emotions of the characters, to complement the visual range with high-quality musical elements. Create games of different genres, and experiment for fun!


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