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Kaufen PayDay 3 (PS5)

PayDay 3 (PS5)

  • Release date: 21 Sep 2023
  • Publisher: Prime Matter
  • Developer: Starbreeze Studios

PayDay 3 (PS5)

  • Release date: 21 Sep 2023
  • Publisher: Prime Matter
  • Developer: Starbreeze Studios

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Get ready for an uncompromising orgy of crime and strategy - PayDay 3 is finally on the horizon! Through exciting heists, unpredictable challenges, and priceless teamwork, this game will open up a universe of brutal criminal plans and intrigue. Not just a game but an opportunity to plunge into a whirlwind of adventure, where only your most clever decisions can lead to success or failure. So, get your masks and weapons ready - the game is on!


Why are we sure you'll love PayDay 3?

In the world of PayDay 3, every heist becomes a big strategic puzzle. You choose your plan - a stealthy invasion or a high-profile attack - and gather your most loyal comrades. Everyone has their unique style of play, and the game gives you the freedom to choose: lead a siege alone or luxuriously cooperate with your friends. Program the heist to the smallest detail, and choose a role in the team - from a disguised master to a hacking expert. Overcome various situations: enemy objects promised by weapons, secret passages, and large caches of jewelry. Every choice, every step is the key to success or defeat. PayDay 3's addictive gameplay combines non-linearity, tactics, and unpredictability. You must decide whether your heist will be an excellent strategy masterpiece or a loud clash with enemies. Not every day gives you a chance to feel yourself in the world of crime and survival. Grab your share of the loot and win in this uncompromising game of survival and strategy.


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