Maneater (PC)

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Release date:22 May 2021
Publisher:Tripwire Interactive
Developer:Tripwire Interactive

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Maneater (PC) brief review

Maneater (PC) is an amazing action-adventure game. Events of the game unfold in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, where you will have to try on the role of a bloodthirsty shark. The predatory fish is motivated to take revenge on humans through the horrors of childhood.

Games special features

There are three types of collectibles in Maneater (PC) : car license plates, information signs, and chests. For collecting all of them in each location, players receive nice bone and shadow body parts. The player's shark is able to jump on land and can stay there on air reserve for a few seconds. As you progress through and complete quests, you can get the "amphibious" upgrade.

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