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Release date:10 Aug 1997
Publisher:Kaspersky Lab
Developer:Kaspersky Lab

Buy cheap Kaspersky Internet Security on Difmark


The most reliable protection on the Web - Kaspersky Internet Security

Hackers, scammers, cybercriminals of all kinds aim to get hold of the confidential users data. In today's world, your online privacy needs to be protected at all times. Otherwise, you may lose money from your bank accounts, be subject to blackmail, extortion, and etc. The fact is that attackers try to crack passwords, gain access to confidential banking information, steal money from accounts, and so on, they often succeed. To prevent this, you should purchase a quality antivirus solution.


Key Features of the Program

The program presented by us is guaranteed to protect you from various viruses, malware, ransomware and the like. Now you can safely search for information on the Internet, make purchases of goods online, use email and so on. And do not worry about the safety of your information. From now on, all your data will be protected using comprehensive multi-level protection.

Feel completely safe with a high-tech solution. The following relevant functions are at your disposal: blocking intrusive advertising and collecting information about you on various sites, the most effective protection of your bank card data while making online purchases, excellent masking of your IP address, and the like. Get advanced protection against ransomware, advanced botnet attacks, Trojan horses and malware. This high-tech program effectively blocks spyware, adware, phishing attacks, rootkits and saves you from other cyber threats.

Get the most effective program that reliably protects you from all sorts of virus attacks. The advantages of this solution have already been appreciated by users worldwide.


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