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Kaufen Hogwarts Legacy (Xbox Series X)

Hogwarts Legacy (Xbox Series X)

  • Release date: 10 Feb 2023
  • Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Developer: Avalanche Studios

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This beautiful story is created for those who appreciate high-quality games and also love the world of magic, magic, and adventure! Play is an iconic character familiar to millions of viewers, readers, and gamers worldwide. Harry Potter, the young wizard of Hogwarts, is ready to go on a journey. Explore unique game locations, brew magical potions, meet exciting characters, and fight the forces of darkness. You are the chosen one who can save the world. Feel like the arbiter of fate and realize the innermost dream of a boy with a problematic fortune - to become a super wizard. The developers have done their best, creating an exceptionally high-quality game with excellent animation and musical accompaniment. Note that the creators of the novelty paid tribute to the original. Therefore, the game locations are very similar to the university premises in the film. We are sure that the world-famous writer JK Rowling, who created the story of a super wizard, would be delighted with this game. A world of magic and adventure awaits you! We wish you an exciting game and a brilliant victory.


A fantastic novelty designed for the adventurous 

Why are we sure that you will definitely like this game? This video novelty will undoubtedly appeal not only to fans of the delightful story of Harry Potter but also to fans of spectacular games with luxurious animation, graphics, and excellent music. The young wizard Harry Potter, loved by millions of fans of magical stories, is ready for new adventures. Explore interesting gaming locations, brew powerful magic potions, learn magic spells, and fight the forces of darkness. The responsibility for the fate of the world lies on your shoulders! Welcome to the inimitable Hogwarts, which has prepared a lot of exciting things for you!


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