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Heavy Rain

  • Release date: 18 Jun 2020
  • Publisher: Quantic Dream
  • Developer: Quantic Dream

Heavy Rain

  • Release date: 18 Jun 2020
  • Publisher: Quantic Dream
  • Developer: Quantic Dream

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Riding the waves of uncertainty and determination, 'Heavy Rain' is not just a game but a masterpiece in the world of sensations and mysteries. In this gripping psychological thriller, where every choice is a step on a thin blade of uncertainty, you must solve the puzzle of time slipping through your fingers. Get ready to feel the weight of your own decisions as you rise to the top of an intense plot where your actions determine the characters' lives and form the final chord of this epic detective story.


Why do we recommend downloading the game Heavy Rain?

In the world of 'Heavy Rain,' you will find yourself in the arms of a gripping psychological thriller where four characters, each with their unique perspective on events, join forces in a vital hunt for the killer Origami. The game invites players to take on the role of investigators, make difficult decisions, and control the characters' movements in a tense scenario that unfolds over four dramatic days. Every choice and step is a clue, and players must be prepared for unpredictable twists and turns that shape the story's course and determine who will survive and who will become the next victim in the 'Heavy Rain' crime puzzle.


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