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Kaufen Far Cry 5 (Xbox)

Far Cry 5 (Xbox)

  • Release date: 27 Mar 2018

Far Cry 5 (Xbox)

  • Release date: 27 Mar 2018

Buy Cheap Far Cry 5 (Xbox) at Diifmark

The game takes us to Hope County in Montana, USA. It is the place where a deadly cult, Eden’s Gate, resides. Your task is to fight its leader and his siblings. Start the resistance movement and free people from Seed’s control. 

Peculiarities of the new installment once you purchase Far Cry 5 for Xbox, you’ll get to pick whether you want to play solo or to use two-player cooperation mode. Joseph Seed and his followers can be trouble, so get ready for a thrilling game. Here you may build your character like never before and use more items like the ATVs, planes, and muscle cars. To help you reach your goal, you may now use the eye-tracking feature. Tag the enemies by looking at them. 


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