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Kaufen FaceRig Winter Holidays Avatars 2015

FaceRig Winter Holidays Avatars 2015

  • Release date: 7 Jul 2015
  • Website URL:
  • Publisher: Holotech Studios
  • Developer: Holotech Studios

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FaceRig Winter Holidays Avatars 2015 - Play your favorite animated characters

Do you want to create your own movie, want to please your subscribers or just have a good time chatting in instant messengers? With the help of an innovative program, you can bring a wide variety of ideas to life in virtual reality.

FaceRig is an excellent program that can help you bring your wildest ideas to life in virtual reality. When you are in front of a webcam, the person on the screen sensitively repeats head turns, and voice modulations, and thus you try on the images of a wide variety of animated characters. This is a great solution that can be used for both entertainment purposes and to create a chic movie. After all, everything that is broadcast on the screen in real-time can be recorded. Share exciting content with your friends and followers, and create your amazing movie.

The innovative program reads the information as clearly and efficiently as possible and allows everyone to feel like their favorite animated character from an amazing cartoon. Bring your most creative ideas to life in the digital world!


Key Benefits of the Innovative Solution

Here are five extremely cute, adorable avatars. Teddy bear, reindeer, gingerbread man, penguin, and so on. Which character would you like to play this time?

Now you have access to perfectly customizable avatars, and a convenient and intuitive interface - all of this makes this program so popular among users around the world. Share creative works with friends, subscribers and so on. The program is the best solution for creating interesting video content. 


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