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Kaufen FaceRig Warriors

FaceRig Warriors

  • Release date: 7 Jul 2015
  • Website URL:
  • Publisher: Holotech Studios
  • Developer: Holotech Studios

FaceRig Warriors - bring the most daring ideas to life

Technology is constantly evolving. Now we have access to high-quality high-tech solutions that allow us to imagine ourselves in the role of our favorite animated character. Bring your most creative ideas to life in virtual reality. The character on the screen will pick up your speech, voice inflections and head turn. You can imagine yourself as an invincible fearless warrior. In general, a wide range of animated characters is available to you.

This is a unique program that allows you to bring the most creative ideas to life. Control the emotions and voice of the character using the webcam. Amazing features, great graphics, and excellent playback quality - with such a program you can realize your most interesting ideas. Visualization of an animated character is carried out using a wide variety of functions. A feature of the program is exceptional convenience and ease of use.


Excellent features and key benefits of the program

Two unique FaceRig avatars: Dra`Gosh and Mittaka - The Swordart Mistress are sure to please you. They are terrible, dangerous, and delightful. Create animated characters on the screen that will speak your words. The characters on the screen are sensitive to the turns of your head and the modulation of your voice when you are in front of the webcam. Imagine yourself as an invincible warrior! Realistic Graphics and animation will help you to try out the most unique features of the program in real-time!


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