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Dieses Spiel ist ein DLC und muss mit der vollst├Ąndigen Version des Spiels verwendet werden.

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Kaufen FaceRig 5 (DLC)

FaceRig 5 (DLC)

  • Release date: 7 Jul 2015
  • Website URL:
  • Publisher: Holotech Studios
  • Developer: Holotech Studios

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FaceRig 5 (DLC) - super creative program

Do you want to create real video masterpieces? Do you want to please your subscribers, friends, show your imagination by creating amazing videos?Do you want to turn your most creative ideas into reality? The developers have created a wonderful and unique program - a game that will be appreciated by both bloggers and professional creators of creative video materials, as well as just users who want to diversify their video conversations.

It is a unique program that allows you to control the emotions of a variety of characters using your facial expressions using a webcam. It's amazing to watch your favorite character on screen embody your emotions and experiences. The smallest reproduction of mimic features is guaranteed to you. The program is ideal for both entertainment and professional use: for example, to create videos and even a whole movie. Breathe life into a fairy-tale character, and let him experience your emotions!

In this amazing program, you will find several interesting characters: a woman, a man, a raccoon, a fox, a wolf, and a talking burger. In addition to mimicking movements, the innovative program also transmits the turn of your head and reproduces a voice that, if desired, can be processed to the sound you need. All you need to create a creative piece is a webcam that will reproduce your facial expressions on your chosen character in real-time. You can, at your discretion, change the background, and the lighting, and perform other actions that allow you to create your unique virtual reality. This creative program is also great for video conversation.


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