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Dieses Spiel ist ein DLC und muss mit der vollständigen Version des Spiels verwendet werden.

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Kaufen Dying Light: The Following (DLC)

Dying Light: The Following (DLC)

  • Release date: 9 Feb 2016
  • Publisher: Techland
  • Developer: Techland

Dying Light: The Following (DLC)

  • Release date: 9 Feb 2016
  • Publisher: Techland
  • Developer: Techland

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Forget everything you know about the zombie apocalypse - Dying Light: The Following is a game-changer! In this exciting expansion, where darkness is broken by light, and adrenaline is increasing every minute, you will find an incredible journey beyond the walls of Garran. Zombies are only part of the problem. A leader in its genre, Dying Light: The Following opens the door to an apocalyptic world where ancient cult secrets control the city's fate. You will fight for survival and uncover secrets that can change the course of history. Get ready for a new level of play - new regions, modified vehicles, stories that will leave you amazed, and non-linear progression where your choices matter. Dying Light: The Following - where the hero becomes a legend, and the apocalypse becomes the creator of new opportunities. Are you ready to survive?


Why do we recommend playing Dying Light: The Following?

Immerse yourself in the uncompromising world of Dying Light: The Following, where the apocalypse takes on new faces. The game's expansion brings intriguing changes to the gameplay, making it even more exciting and challenging. You will find a completely new region that surpasses all previous game maps. Discover unlimited possibilities, where every corner has secrets, quests, and characters that make the game unpredictable. Rapid non-linear progression determines your path in the world of Garran. To survive, you need to gain the trust of the locals by completing various quests and interacting with a mysterious cult. Modified vehicles make your buggy an essential survival tool. Fully customize it, turning it into a mobile arsenal to fight against the changed sidewalks. However, the main thing is a new story that reveals the secret of an ancient cult that has the power to change the fate of the city. Players once again take control of Kyle Crane, ready to solve puzzles, rescue missions, and encounters with unpredictable enemies. With Dying Light: The Following, the player observes the apocalypse and actively influences the development of events. Your choices shape the plot and determine your path in this fascinating world.


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