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Kaufen Battlefield V (PC)

Battlefield V (PC)

  • Release date: 20 Nov 2018
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: DICE

Battlefield V Origin Key GLOBAL

Battlefield V is another installment in the first-person shooter series by Electronic Arts publisher. The game will constantly transfer you to different parts of the world, just like it was in Battlefield 1. Players will have to walk through several chapters in which they will take on the roles of different soldiers from around the world.

Getting a licensed Battlefield V key for Origin platform is a great opportunity to explore the realistic events that happened during World War II.

Features of Battlefield V for Origin:

- An exciting story campaign;

- Cooperative tasks, each of which will be unique due to the random generation;

- Various game cards with high detail. You can buy a Battlefield V Origin key in our online marketplace Difmark;

- Fight in real places where battles took place during World War II;

- The game will take place at various locations France, Scandinavia, North Africa and Rotterdam;

- Multiplayer mode with new features;

- In Battlefield 5 Origin version, a player will have a choice of the side: USSR, Germany, England, USA, Japan and French resistance.

- Difmark makes sure to provide the best quality for users who need Battlefield V Origin key for any country that you need. In addition, you may get discounts and bonuses for buying other items from Difmark marketplace.

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