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Kaufen Alan Wake 2 (PS5)

Alan Wake 2 (PS5)

  • Release date: 27 Oct 2023
  • Publisher: Epic Games
  • Developer: Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake 2 (PS5)

  • Release date: 27 Oct 2023
  • Publisher: Epic Games
  • Developer: Remedy Entertainment

Buy cheap Alan Wake 2 (PS5) on Difmark

Impressive survival horror game guarantees you unforgettable adventures. Get ready to use all resources to survive and win! This new release is a captivating sequel to the award-winning psychological thriller from 2010 and Alan Wake Remastered, released in 2020. A tense atmosphere, an exciting plot, and excellent graphics - that's what makes the game special. 


Exciting horror at a super discount 

Why is this video game worthy of your attention? It is designed for lovers of outdoor sensations. Immerse yourself in a disturbing, gloomy atmosphere of super horror with survival elements. Note that the project was created on an improved version of the Northlight engine, which makes the game as realistic as possible. We are sure that the brilliant script of the sequel and the effective implementation of the idea will not leave you indifferent. Purchase the game on different platforms as needed.  


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